Withering Away

This pretty much sums up our surroundings in Oklahoma right now.


Everything is rapidly turning from green to brown as the heat wave continues.  As a landscape designer whose job is to keep things green, this is very frustrating.  There comes a point when the air temperature is so high that no amount of water is going to save certain plants.  So we stand idly by as things continue to brown and die.  Luckily yesterday and today there was some cloud cover and some rain which is much needed.  I’m just praying that we see fall soon.  I miss letting the kids play outside, cooking out, and coming home to a house that isn’t 80 degrees in the evening!

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

This little Hibiscus is hanging on.  It’s color was faded already so I stripped it of it’s remaining color to show is beautiful petal shape.  It was very thankful for the brief shower that happened this afternoon.

Thanks to the brief rains and cool down I actually had the desire to go outside and shoot.  I was on the hunt for a star shape in the landscape and I found it at the tip of this Dwarf Hamelin Grass plume in my backyard.  This photo was for the online class Picture Inspiration.

Seeing Stars

Even though the heat makes it unbearable to be outside and even though everything is looking very sad there is still beauty to be found if you can stand to be outside long enough to find it!

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