I frequently visit a blog called Mortal Muses.  It is a group of  nine women from all over the world and each morning one of them posts a musing based on a photo submission theme and selects a companion photo from their Flickr pool.  I have been honored to have 2 of my photos featured on their “Everyday Beauty” and “Black and White” pages.  This months theme was “Two”. Every other Friday they are going to do Mosaic of photos from the previous weeks.  Check it out! And there is a giveaway! FUN!!!

I always seem to do things in odd numbers and especially groups of three.  I’m sure it’s because of my design background and the importance of the rule of thirds in composition.  Going through some of my photos the “twos” were popping up everywhere.  These are some of my favorites.

Rest a Bit
Nothing sweeter than a baby in her daddy’s arms.

Tall Cool One
These two always go together in my world!

Making Memories
Two kids walking along the beach for the first time.

Carried Away
A girl and her dog

Hiya Chuck!
Two shoes, two feet

School Days
Pretty obvious grouping of two. Two kids on their first day of school. Not so obvious the bunny ears that she is giving herself!

Two in nature

20 thoughts on “Two

  1. Beautiful shots! I love the tall cool one – I totally agree, and now I can’t wait for summer so I can have one in the sun 🙂

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