The Gift of Time

I’ve been asked what is my style of photography.  I’ve always said that it’s candidly casual (probably should be casually candid, but I like how the other sounds), but in all actuality I’m not sure what my style is.  I also don’t know that I have to have stick myself into one category.  With my landscape design I create yards that suit my clients and that will fit their lifestyles.  There are definitely some signature aspects to my landscaping with the use of specific plants, the curves of bed borders, the creation of unique spaces, etc.. I’m starting to find in my photography that certain themes keeping reappearing.  Obviously taking shots of my kids because they are my willing subjects and of course nature is my other main focus, but there is also a certain unexpected factor to some of my favorite photos.  A moment in time where everything falls together for a beautiful photograph completely unplanned.  The photo above is an example of just that, completely unplanned, shooting from the hip. I love the softness of it and the way her hair perfectly encircles her face drawing attention to those beautiful baby blues.  I could not have put together a more perfect portrait if I had tried.  The only processing I did was to apply a vintage action at about 40%.  The photo just came together.  It was meant to be taken.

Perhaps photography has taught me to slow down and to take notice of what is happening around me.  I always try to be present in the moment when I’m outside with my camera.  It’s so easy to be distracted by all the technology around us and I very easily lose time when I open the computer to check my email or catch up on Facebook.  My kids are growing up before my very eyes, but sometimes I don’t see it because my eyes are focused on a computer screen or a phone screen.  So my challenge to myself is to be present and to take notice of the details around me.  I’m so looking forward to the cooler temperatures of fall when we will spend more time outside and away from the electronics that suck time away from us.

This is another favorite photo and I would have missed it if I had not had my macro lens on looking for the “little things”.  A Virginia Creeper leaflet gently holds the fallen bloom from a Crape Myrtle.

Photography is not only an artistic journey, but it’s changing my life as well.

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Time

  1. Hi Leigh! I don’t know my style either or what category I would fit into. I like to think of myself as more of a free spirit and not be pigeonholed. Your photography is beautiful and I, like you, use photography to stop and capture the moment, to slow down. Beautiful photos!

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