Weekend PhotoFest

We have gone from a “one for the record books” miserable summer to an absolutely gorgeous fall-like September.  It has done wonders for the city.  Everybody is smiling and happy again.  61 days of 100+ degrees can really make people crabby.  Here’s to hoping the current temperatures are here to stay!  And I’m wearing jeans & long sleeves which makes me happy as a clam.

Friday started off by being in the 70’s and a bit overcast which just made me even that more eager to get outside and shoot some nature shots.

Saturday was even better with the start of college football and a great win for OU!

Then comes Sunday and a great evening to cookout with friends and take pictures of their darling 2 month old!

Next is Labor Day and a road trip up Route 66 with the family. First stop Pops in Arcadia then the Round Barn and onto the Boom-R-Ang Diner in Chandler.

And to cap off our Labor Day weekend…a cookout with family.  Photo ops everywhere!

What a great weekend for hopscotch, scooters and drawing outside!

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