It’s been a rough day friends.  My oldest woke up with a stomach ache.  Of course being the skeptical mom that I am, I assumed he was just faking to stay home.  But then I realized that perhaps this was not just an award winning performance.  Maybe he was actually sick.  So I took the youngest to school (who, of course didn’t want to go because her big brother wasn’t going) and when I walk in the door to the house I see Jack running for the bathroom.  Poor thing has been throwing up on and off all day.  He is 9 years old and this is only like the third time in his life that he has thrown up.  He has never had a stomach bug before this.  So it’s been a day full of puke, gatorade, crackers, and lots of Clorox bleach.  So I just now picked up my camera to photograph my much needed glass of wine (It’s almost 5:00, right?) and after glancing on the LCD I saw the most perfect heart.  Totally unplanned and something that I’m sure I could never recreate.  So I will take that as a sign from the wine gods that I most definitely deserve this glass of wine.
*as always ignore the dirty glass.  I’ve got to change dishwasher detergents!

2 thoughts on “26.366

  1. Leigh…I adore this photo and your post. The fact that you found a little ‘love’ at the end of your rough day through a heart reflection (a red heart!)…is wonderful! Maybe it’s from a greater source or a coincidence, either way it’s a nice message to receive.

    On another note, 3 out of 4 members in my home are sick and I’m included. In the early morning, our 16 year old knocked on the bedroom door letting me know he had thrown up a few times and then later came the ‘runs’. My husband has been to the doc 3 times in one week, I went yesterday and our 16 year old twice in the past 2 weeks. First it’s sinus, bronchitis then stomach bug/flu. After going to CVS this afternoon to pick up more prescriptions, advil and anti-runs meds, I was amazed that most of the flu and diarrhea meds…WERE GONE! The man working behind the counter said that they were flying off the shelf this past week. I was lucky to find just 2 boxes left of a couple things we needed. Looks like lots of bugs out there in the air. Stay healthy! 🙂

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