Two Takes

I’m really enjoying the Two Takes class led by Tracey Clark and Bindu Wiles.  It’s all about seeing things in two ways.  The first prompt was above and below and I chose to shoot the same thing from two vantage points.  The second prompt is new and old and I wanted to combine them in one shot.

These online photography classes such as the Big Picture Series with Tracey Clark and now Two Takes with Tracey and Bindu have been the guiding force in my photography journey.  The photo prompts give me direction and an assignment of what I am looking for through my lens.  I live life at a bit of a slower pace these days really taking the time to notice what is around me.  The biggest bonus from these classes, which is something I didn’t even think about, is the friendships I have made with other photographers around the world.  I have learned so much from these ladies and truly feel a kinship with them.  I know that if we all lived nearby that we would be very good friends.


New tulips in a vase that belonged to my grandparents.



Pear tree blooms lay fallen along the flagstone path.

One of those friends I have made along the way is Becky Sue.  We have kids similar in age and a lot of the same interests (hello shoes!)  Her mom has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimers which has obviously been very overwhelming. Becky Sue, besides being a talented photographer, is also a jewelry maker.  She is selling these bracelets and donating all of the profit to the Alzheimer’s Association.  I just ordered mine so please visit her Flickr page and order yours today!

Alzheimer's support bracelet

4 thoughts on “Two Takes

  1. We would be good friends for sure when we would live closer! Love your post. Beautiful photos. I feel with this second prompt it makes it easy to put two takes in one. Didn’t know about Becky Sue’s mother. Alzheimer is getting more common since we grow older and older. It’s horrible. Will order a bracelet too. xo

  2. I just love the first one with the old vase and new flowers, lovely lovely lovely. The way you captured the image is beautiful. I’m enjoying Tracey and Bindu’s class, the most important take away for me is the community of women like you. Nancy Moon

  3. Amen, lady. I always find it interesting explaining the friendships I have made because of BPC and flickr – makes me smile. I also didn’t know about Becky Sue’s mom – will definitely head over and place my order.

    xoxo Alison

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