A Day in The Life…

of a landscape designer.

I have tried keeping a journal before and it always ends up the same…..a couple of steady days and then nothing for weeks….months….years!  I’ve come to realize that Instagram is my  journal.  Instagram is all about sharing these moment of my daily life with others and in turn, keeping a journal of my days for myself.  I have used Postal Pix to print out 4″ x 4″ prints of my photos and have really enjoyed sharing these with other IG users through Postal Pix Pen Pals.  And I recently say that Paper Coterie has printed books of your IG photostream.  I can’t wait to get mine started!

Want to know what i did today?  just look at my IG stream (loveleeokc).

Taken after a brief afternoon shower

Containers planted!

Water fountain installed!

Pinwheels in garden beds!

Taking a moment to appreciate the Iris about to open

A moment of reflection from where I stand.

And finally, this is Lois.  I met her at Home Depot.  And don’t bother going to Home Depot…I pretty much bought out the whole place 🙂

Please check out my post today at Focusing on Life

5 thoughts on “A Day in The Life…

  1. WOW you were one busy little bee today Miss Leigh. Did Lois help you buy all your stuff at Home Depot? They allow birds in there? How cool is he.
    I’m still in awwww of all the pretty pics I’m seeing on the “Focusing on Life” blog. I have some serious things to think about, but I do love the fact that Lois was in your pics today, makes me think you will love all my fur babies.
    Happy focusing Leigh.
    Love Claudette

  2. You know I share your love for IG! It is like a journal for me as well. I like seeing your day unfold in gorgeous photos and I wish we lived closer as I’d like to tag along and observe your work. Keep up the inspiring work! XO!

  3. We are sisters in love with Instagram! It is so great for capturing all those moments that are so special and so fleeting! This was a beautiful day for sure, my fave is the pinwheels and flare!

    I’m so excited about camp! We need to talk about all that soon!


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