Thursday Reflections

Note to self: don’t start a blog without the intention of keeping up with it!

ok now that I’ve got that out of the way…..onto the photos.

This is a busy time of year for the kids.  It’s the end of the school year for my kids so that means lots of various school activities along with our normal after school commitments like t-ball, tae kwon do, gymnastics, ballets, etc… 

This is also a busy time of year for me.  Spring is my busy season with work and I’m trying to get all my jobs installed before the dog days of summer hit!  I’m in heaven this week with 70 degree temperatures!  I just wish it would last longer than a week!


A photo for funImageA photo for Tracey Clark’s “Picture Black and White” class.  Assignment was patterns.ImageA photo for work.  Trying to update my portfolio.Image

A photo for me.  Just a girl and her Capri-Sun.

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