Waiting for Inspiration

I really need to feel some inspiration.  This time of year I always get a bit burned out and depressed.  This is the time of year that a landscape designer (me) dreads.  It’s too hot to be outside and nobody is thinking about their landscaping unless they are calling to complain about everything dying.  I have no control over the weather people!  quit calling me!  please!

I usually rely on photography to fill my need for creativity and tide me over through these few months of insatiable heat.  But everything is brown and crunchy and it’s just plain depressing to look outside right now.  I’m seriously considering buying some turf paint so I can fake a green front lawn!  either that or artificial turf. And I’m being serious.
Anyway…so where was I?  oh yes, my depression.  I had to force myself into some creativity today.  The original photo was of a fading daisy.  I wanted to breathe some life into this photo so bring on photoshop!  The daisy is dying and going to seed, but the remaining petals are bright like a halo as it fades away into the ridiculously bright and colorful background.  I thought it was a proper sendoff for this daisy who through it’s growth process will self seed providing me with beautiful blooms again next year.  Since the color wasn’t there I created it.  And you know what?  it makes me happy.  It makes me smile.  It makes me feel good!

6 thoughts on “Waiting for Inspiration

  1. Love what you did with this! I’m right there with you as far as being uninspired and a bit depressed right now. The heat and resultant lack of any color other than brown takes away any drop of creativity I can muster. This summer seems especially bad, don’t you think? I’m happy to be heading to the beach for a week on Friday and I’m sure that will be just what the doctor ordered! Hang in there — it can’t last forever!

  2. How you are feeling now sounds like how I feel in January/February when it’s so dang cold I can’t got outside and without snow everything is brown and ugly. I can’t even enjoy fall because I know that winter is that much closer.

  3. The inspiration will come.
    Thank you for visitng my blog…so glad you liked the card I did. I will check this out more when I’m home from vacation.this iPad is not my normal way to browse and comment. Katie,the red tin

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