A Meeting of Friends

I took a trip to the Dallas Arboretum last weekend to meet up with 2 ladies whom I know only from online photography classes.  Having shared photography with them for the last couple of years I already feel as though we know each other and meeting them in person was the icing on the cake!  It is so fulfilling to meet people who share the same passion and as soon as I saw them I knew they were my kind of girls.  Thank you Stephanie and Terri for the incredibly fun day!

As I was leaving for the Arboretum I spotted a heart in the morning light.  A sign of things to come for sure.

The three of us ready to shoot!

I could not get enough of these beautiful Crape Myrtle trunks.  They do not grow this large in Oklahoma.

Columbine was scattered throughout the arboretum.

We spotted an Azalea flower in a fountain and continued to shoot it for about 15 minutes!

I have an obsession with Japanese Maple leaves.  They are so delicate and graceful.

Look!  I found a Love Bug!  see the heart?

Reflecting on our day.

A Day in The Life…

of a landscape designer.

I have tried keeping a journal before and it always ends up the same…..a couple of steady days and then nothing for weeks….months….years!  I’ve come to realize that Instagram is my  journal.  Instagram is all about sharing these moment of my daily life with others and in turn, keeping a journal of my days for myself.  I have used Postal Pix to print out 4″ x 4″ prints of my photos and have really enjoyed sharing these with other IG users through Postal Pix Pen Pals.  And I recently say that Paper Coterie has printed books of your IG photostream.  I can’t wait to get mine started!

Want to know what i did today?  just look at my IG stream (loveleeokc).

Taken after a brief afternoon shower

Containers planted!

Water fountain installed!

Pinwheels in garden beds!

Taking a moment to appreciate the Iris about to open

A moment of reflection from where I stand.

And finally, this is Lois.  I met her at Home Depot.  And don’t bother going to Home Depot…I pretty much bought out the whole place 🙂

Please check out my post today at Focusing on Life

Screaming Spring

So I am an admitted color-a-holic, so no one should be surprised when you see my photo today.


Can you guess what these beautiful, brightly colored things are?  Tomato cages!  I swear, I am a marketing execs target audience.  These stopped me dead in my tracks at Home Depot and of course, I had to have one in every color.  So I guess instead of 1 tomato plant this year I will need to grow 4 of them and they will need to be in close proximity to one another so that the colors can be seen together.  Don’t even get me started on my Target addiction.  It’s like my Disney World.

Magnify the Details

One of the most important things that photography has taught me is to slow down and take notice of the little things.  In the small details we begin to notice the textures and colors that may have been impossible to see otherwise.  During the spring I love to focus on all of the new beginnings such as these new leaves on a Boston Ivy vine sprouting to life and the subtle nuance of a water droplet on a Carolina Jessamine bloom.  These small bits add up to a showcase of new life that is springtime.  As Mies van der Rohe said, “God is in the details.”  The details of a piece make it whole.

Macro photography allows us to get close….real close!  We can zoom in and showcase these magical little details.  I’m constantly looking for little miniature vignettes that in their smallness also show the bigger picture.

Two Takes

I’m really enjoying the Two Takes class led by Tracey Clark and Bindu Wiles.  It’s all about seeing things in two ways.  The first prompt was above and below and I chose to shoot the same thing from two vantage points.  The second prompt is new and old and I wanted to combine them in one shot.

These online photography classes such as the Big Picture Series with Tracey Clark and now Two Takes with Tracey and Bindu have been the guiding force in my photography journey.  The photo prompts give me direction and an assignment of what I am looking for through my lens.  I live life at a bit of a slower pace these days really taking the time to notice what is around me.  The biggest bonus from these classes, which is something I didn’t even think about, is the friendships I have made with other photographers around the world.  I have learned so much from these ladies and truly feel a kinship with them.  I know that if we all lived nearby that we would be very good friends.


New tulips in a vase that belonged to my grandparents.



Pear tree blooms lay fallen along the flagstone path.

One of those friends I have made along the way is Becky Sue.  We have kids similar in age and a lot of the same interests (hello shoes!)  Her mom has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimers which has obviously been very overwhelming. Becky Sue, besides being a talented photographer, is also a jewelry maker.  She is selling these bracelets and donating all of the profit to the Alzheimer’s Association.  I just ordered mine so please visit her Flickr page and order yours today!

Alzheimer's support bracelet


I love my iphone.  I mean, I really really love it!  Having a camera at the tip of my fingers at any given moment just makes me giddy with excitement!   I know that i will not miss a single moment even if that moment is just taking a shot of my shoes for the #fromwhereIstand group on Instagram.  Yes, it’s pretty obvious that I am easily entertained.  Instagram has become one of my favorite apps and I find myself checking it way more than I look at Facebook these days.  I look forward to all of my IG friends’ photos each and every day.

Every weekday around 2:30 I am in the carpool line waiting to pick up my kids from school.  So one day out of sheer boredom I began finding different ways to take photos of myself in the car.  I’ve always been intrigued by reflections and started to notice all of the nice and shiny reflective surfaces in my car.  From that #carpoolreflections was born.  I try to post one photo everyday on IG that contains some part of me in it.  A few people have started to join me in tagging their carpool reflection photos and I invite anyone to jump right in!  I know there are a lot of my photographer mom friends who spend a lot of time in carpool line as well….so join in on the fun!

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I Give Up

I was trying to post my 365 photo here everyday, but I just can’t keep up.  Then I end up trying to play catchup and do a lot of posts at once.  But that’s no fun.  So starting today I’m no longer going to post my 365 photo everyday (all my loyal 5 followers can exhale with a collective sigh of relief).  My 365 photos can always be viewed on Flickr or Facebook and they will occasionally pop up here as well (you can see them over in that little Flickr widget over to the side.  Go ahead…check it out if you would like).

Someone asked me recently what it is about photography that gets me so excited.  Well….here is the answer.  Oh photography….how I love you so. I’ve spent the majority of my life trying to find ways to express the creativity that is mingling in my brain. You give me a way to shout it out! I get lost in you, finding what is beautiful through your lens. Because of you I can show the beauty of others. Through you photography, I am continually shown how to see things. Creativity is taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary! I want to live a full and creative life and you help me to do that. You help me to capture moments in time that I want to remember. You help to rekindle a memory of the past and thank goodness, because my memory isn’t very good.

I never tire of taking photos of these two faces except when they aren’t cooperating…which happens a LOT.
Lucky for me they actually wanted their photo taken this day.

I love to capture the little details like this tulle peeking out from my daughters skirt.  Every skirt she tries on must pass the twirl test in order for her to wear it.

Looks like it passed the test!